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 Character Template.! [Works with all.! ^-^]

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PostSubject: Character Template.! [Works with all.! ^-^]   Thu Jul 08, 2010 7:53 pm

Male Template |

[b][center][color=blue][font=georgia]- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [/font][/color][/b]
[font=georgia][size=29][i][color=blue]first[/color] [i]middle[/i] [color=blue]last[/color][/i][/size]
[size=15][Age • Race •]][/size][/center][/font]
[center][img*]link to image of your character. dont stretch my page! XD[/img][/center]
[color=blue][b]FULL NAME;;[/b][/color] your character's full name
[color=blue][b]NICKNAMES;;[/b][/color] any nicknames?
[color=blue][b]GENDER;;[/b][/color] Male
[color=blue][b]DATE OF BIRTH;;[/b][/color] month day year
[color=blue][b]AGE;;[/b][/color] written out
[color=blue][b]HOMETOWN;;[/b][/color] where was your character born?
[color=blue][b]ETHINICITY;;[/b][/color] obvious
[color=blue][b]RACE;;[/b][/color] Duuuuh xD
[color=blue][b]FACE CLAIM;;[/b][/color] who is your character portrayed by
[color=cyan][b]EYES;;[/b] details
[b]NOSE;;[/b] details
[b]HAIR;;[/b] details
[b]FACE IN GENERAL;;[/b] at least a pargraph
[b]BODY IN GENERAL;;[/b] at least three paragraphs[/color]
[color=green][b]PERSONALITY;;[/b] at least three paragraphs
[b]LIKES;;[/b] write, them, like, this, 10, or, more
[b]DISLIKES;;[/b] write, them, like, this, ten, or, more
[b]HABBITS;;[/b] write, them, like, this, five, or, more
[b]FLAWS;;[/b] write, them, like, this, five, or, more
[b]SECRETS;;[/b] write, them, like, this, three, or, more
[b]STREGNTHS;;[/b] write, them, like, this, three, or, more
[b]WEAKNESSES;;[/b] write, them, like, this, three, or, more
[b]PET PEEVE;;[/b][/color]
dad's name here
occupation, age
mom's name here
occupation, age
sibling's name here
age, occupation (if applies), brotherorsis?
add more if needed
pet's name here
pet's breed
[color=red][b]ROLE-PLAY SAMPLE;; [/b]
[quote]yo keep it in the quote[/quote]
[color=indigo][b]YOUR NAME;; [/b] your real name
[b]AGE;;[/b] your age, fake if you must
[b]YEARS OF ROLE-PLAY;;[/b] don't lie, we actually care about this one
[b]WHERE YOU HEARD ABOUT US;;[/b] obvious
[b]ANYTHING ELSE;;[/b] questions? comments?
[b]PASSWORD;;[/b] read the rules[/color]

this application was made by bяíízεε •• over at caution
do not remove credit tag

Female Template |


[color=white][font=times][size=29]first [color=violet]middle[/color] last[/size][/font]

[color=white]bonjour, my name is [color=violet]NAMEHERE.[/color]
i've got [color=violet]AGEHERE[/color]
tracks spinning on my record.
i've got serious skill 'cause i've been
roleplaying for [color=violet]# OF YEARS[/color]
and i live in the [color=violet]TIMEZONE[/color] timezone.



[color=white]Name | [color=pink]first middle last[/color]
Nicknames | [color=pink]list them here[/color]
Age & date of birth | [color=pink]age and birthdate[/color]
Race | You know this![/color][/font]
[color=white][font=verdana]Gender | [color=pink]Female[/color]
Sexual orientation | [color=pink]heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual?[/color]
Played by | [color=pink]Alright! This means, [Please note this site only allows real anime people from shows. Or books.! Please list this, if you have a canon, PLEASE STATE this:)[/color]


[color=white]Height | [color=pink]State height._.[/color]
Weight | [color=pink]how many lbs?[/color]
Tattoos and piercings | [color=pink]please list them ALL here.[/color]
Distinguishing features | [color=pink]at least a paragraph here.[/color]
Physical flaws | [color=pink]please don't write NONE! at least one please.[/color]
Personal style | [color=pink]how do they dress? how do they express themselves?[/color]


[color=white][Tell us ALL about the way your character acts, the things she likes, hates, can't stand, ect. ^-^]



[color=white]Hometown | [color=pink]city and country here.[/color]
Father | [color=pink]age and occupation.[/color]
Mother | [color=pink]age and occupation.[/color]
Siblings | [color=pink]if any, ages and occupations.[/color]
Pets | [color=pink]name, breed, age[/color]
History | [color=pink]at least three solid paragraphs.[/color]



[color=white]password | indicated password here.
roleplay sample |

[table border=0 cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=3 width="95%" align=center]

[td id=QUOTE][color=black][quote]not necessarily your best, but your average..[/quote][/color][/td][/tr][/table][center]


[color=white]mmkay. so this application hurr was made by [/color][url=][color=white]AMANDA IN WONDERLAND !?[/color][/url][color=white] of caution.
steal it or take off this credit, and i shall hunt you down and eat your insides! lyrics credit to lily allen.
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Character Template.! [Works with all.! ^-^]
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